I’m Scared Too

Trigger Warning: disordered thoughts, heavily retouched photo For those of you who follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook have probably noticed that I've been participating in Kenzie Brenna's #SelfLoveBootcamp for the month of July. There's a different theme every day, and I've honestly found it really helpful so far. I... Continue Reading →

Reunited with Dance

In March of 2013, there was a night that made me finally reach my limits with dance. It made me realize that I needed to leave, but I had no idea when or if I would ever return to my true passion. I  was in too fragile of a mental state to handle the toxicity of... Continue Reading →


Feature images: Demi Lovato's book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year. Where do I even begin? 21 days since I last blogged and holy crap have these past 3 weeks been difficult. I suppose a good place to start would be why I chose those images since I don't usually put pictures in my actual blog... Continue Reading →

Three-Month Milestone

Trigger Warning: eating disorder behaviors THREE MONTHS BEHAVIOR FREE!!  December 9th, 2016, marks exactly 3 months since the last time I engaged in an eating disorder behavior. Let me take a moment to express how genuinely proud I am of myself!! This is the longest chunk of time I've been without behaviors in a very... Continue Reading →

Self Worth

In light of recent events in my personal life, I've been forced to truly focus on myself. A lot of people give me praise for how unselfish I am. I'll go out of my way to help others in whatever way I possibly can. I feel pain and sadness when people I love are hurting.... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

My name is Emily Locke and I am a 21-year-old woman born and raised in Portland, OR. I am a writer/blogger, dancer, and an advocate for mental health. I have battled mental illnesses from a young age, and as a result am very passionate about raising awareness for eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression, as... Continue Reading →

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