Long Time No Blog

WOW, it's been nearly two months since I've blogged. I can't believe I let so much time slip away without writing on here. Despite my being somewhat shocked at the time lapsed I know exactly why I've stayed away. Before I get into that I just want to give a couple of updates. Updates: NEDAwareness... Continue Reading →

Reunited with Dance

In March of 2013, there was a night that made me finally reach my limits with dance. It made me realize¬†that I needed to leave, but I had no idea when or if I would ever return to my true passion. I ¬†was in too fragile of a mental state to handle the toxicity of... Continue Reading →

Self Worth

In light of recent events in my personal life, I've been forced to truly focus on myself. A lot of people give me praise for how unselfish I am. I'll go out of my way to help others in whatever way I possibly can. I feel pain and sadness when people I love are hurting.... Continue Reading →

Accepting the Past

In my DBT group, every week we always start with a mindfulness exercise. This week's mindfulness practice really resonated with me. We were told to think of something that is difficult for us to accept. Whether it's something small like forgetting your homework on your desk to something big like trauma or the ruminating thoughts... Continue Reading →

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