Healthline Depression Awareness Campaign

Hi everyone! About a week ago I was asked to partner with Healthline for their major depressive disorder (MDD) awareness campaign. Healthline asked myself and others to share our stories, how we fight stigma, practice self-care, and start conversations about depression and mental health. Here are screenshots of my initial post for this campaign as well as the link to my post on Instagram: Depression Awareness Post


The posts were then curated into this article – Healthline Depression Awareness Article

Now Healthline wants people who personally battle MDD or those who know people who do to share their own experiences and use the hashtag #DepressionAwareness. For EACH submission Healthline will make a donation to a mental health organization that supports research and outreach! I’m proud to partner with Healthline on this important campaign and would love to see some of you share your own posts.

For more information please click on the article link above or message me.

Note: This post and my involvement in the campaign are #Sponsored and a #PaidAd. 

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